“Great design is a complete thought.”
This is the philosophy of Patera and its principal, Jennifer Parker. With a careful balance of art and science, thoughtful consideration to the form and function of every space, and an uncompromising attention to the importance of detail, each project is approached with the critical sequence of “listen, analyze, then design.”

By intently listening to our clients we are able to articulate their personal style in the context of their project requirements. By carefully analyzing the existing space and architecture, we provide appropriate and thoughtful solutions. Consequently, as we design, we are creating interiors that are well-edited, uniquely tailored, and meaningful to each client.
Our resources are outstanding and our design concepts are full spectrum; lighting plans, unique furnishings and fabrics of wonderful quality, fine art and accessories, and beautiful floor coverings. All personally orchestrated for you, and when done, nothing less than “a complete thought.”

Jennifer Parker holds a degree in interior design and is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Her background includes an A.A.S. with a major in fine arts and professional experience as a graphic designer with the National Geographic Society.
Patera was established in the year 2000 and is located in Reston, Virginia. We are delighted to provide client references upon request.

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For Further information please contact: jennifer@paterahome.com